"food basket": announced products to be included in it

Today, Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis will hold a meeting on the categories of supermarket products to be included in the “housewife’s basket”.

Recall, on Monday, Mr. Georgiadis said that today the list of categories of products that will be included in the so-called “housewife’s basket” will be sent to supermarket chains and presented to consumers in the next 10 days.

“The composition of the “basket” (“καλάθι της νοικοκυράς”) will be declared to the Ministry of Development and posted on the Internet (e-καταναλωτής). Price increases for some essential products will be extremely low and zero (0%). Our goal is to give every family the opportunity to purchase all the goods necessary for life,” he stressed.

Large supermarket chains with an annual turnover of more than 90 million euros will participate in the “food basket” campaign, Mr. Georgiadis emphasized. It is also indicated that the “basket” will contain products at lower prices than the market, and they will have a special label.

Recall, as previously reported by Athens News, the Ministry of Development and representatives of supermarket chains agreed on a “moderate” increase in prices for essential goods. At the same time, data on how the “consumer basket” looks like will be posted on a special website, in particular, on e-katanalotis.

In particular each supermarket chain will create its own “consumer basket”, which will include 50 products from 20 main categories that will be different from each chain, and their prices will be posted for comparison by consumers.

It is noted that supermarkets will raise prices for these goods, but at a rate below industry inflation. According to the information, the “consumer basket” will include products such as:

  • milk,
  • bread,
  • rice,
  • pasta,
  • legumes,
  • coffee and sugar
  • detergents,
  • stationery.

Every supermarket chain will present in October the main 50 different products necessary for family life. This “consumer basket” will be fought to keep prices as low as possible,” Adonis Georgiadis said.

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