Switching to candles: The energy crisis hits Greek churches

The energy crisis that erupted in the country due to sanctions against Russia, among other things, affected the Church of Greece, as churches are forced to turn off the chandeliers and switch to candles.

It should be noted that the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church has already sent clear instructions to churches to reduce energy consumption. Chandeliers have already been extinguished in many dioceses, leaving only candles and candelabra.

What is happening requires tough action to combat already inflated electricity bills. Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrius urged parish priests and commissioners to use only necessary lighting during church services and Divine Liturgy.

However, in the sacraments of marriage and baptism, this will not be done in order to avoid protests.

Another measure many churches are taking is the installation of energy-saving lamps in chandeliers to limit electricity consumption. However, most churches have long switched to LED lamps.

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