Greece: the price of diesel fuel bypassed the 95th gasoline and exceeded 2 euros

Just ten days after the subsidy was lifted, fuel prices skyrocketed, especially diesel fuel, which became more expensive than 95 grade unleaded gasoline, and its cost exceeded 2 euros per liter.

For five days, diesel fuel has risen sharply in price. The average price for unleaded fuel in the country last week was 1.9 euros per liter, and for diesel fuel – 1.85 euros per liter. If desired, one could find 1,819 euros per liter. Already from Friday, prices began to rise, and from Monday thunder struck: in the center of Athens, the price of diesel fuel reached 2.279 euros, in East Attica – 2.287, in Thessaloniki – 2.268 and in Achaia – 2.270 euros.

In the Cyclades, the price of diesel fuel starts just below 2 euros, from 1,910 to 2,370 on Antiparos and 2,400 on Mykonos. Diesel costs up to 2,249 euros in Zakynthos, 2,235 euros in Corfu, 2,313 euros in Heraklion, and 2,269 euros in Chania. On Chios, its price reaches 2,055 euros, on Lemnos – 2,250, and on Ikaria – 2,399 euros.

“Due to the impact of fuel prices, the overall price increase will be severe. The government’s decision to end subsidies is very costly,” said Alexis Haritsis. The price of diesel went off the rails and, just 10 days after the end of the 15-cent subsidy, reached and in many cases exceeded the cost of unleaded fuel.

The problem is that this automatically means another increase in prices for all goods, primarily food, since their price necessarily includes transportation costs that are incurred by trucks running on diesel fuel. In Greece, the percentage of transport costs in the cost of food can be as high as 50% in the case of the islands.

It has already been announced that supermarket prices are expected to increase by more than 20% by the end of the month.

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