EU offices and German consulate in Kyiv hit by Russian missiles

The German consulate in Kyiv was hit by a Russian missile attack today, Bild reports.

According to Reuters, this is the first territory of a NATO country to be hit by Russians, and certainly the first time since the end of World War II that German territory has been bombed, since embassies and consulates are known to be territories of the countries they represent.

JUST IN – The German consulate in Kyiv has been attacked by Russia, BILD reports.

Even more politically important is the destruction of offices by Russian missiles. EU in Kyiv: a clearer warning about the EU’s decision in the supply of arms and training of the Ukrainian military cannot be imagined.

Earlier, the Kremlin stated that if the red lines were crossed, a blow would be struck at the decision-making center. However, Putin did not dare to fire at the US embassy, ​​limiting himself to Germany and the EU office.

The missile strike today was not “unprecedented” as there have been more intense bombings in the past, but this is the first massive missile strike in weeks (possibly because the “reboot” of Russian missile depots, which were significantly depleted after many months of bombing, has been completed) , aimed at the energy potential of the country, as well as the first blow to Kyiv, which affected the SBU and foreign missions.

Russian Armed Forces Strike Ukraine’s Energy Grid – Rybar Analysis

TGKanal Rybar outlined goals for the near future:

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, 11 large infrastructure facilities were damaged in eight regions of Ukraine and in Kyiv, and electricity was cut off in some areas.

According to Zelensky, out of 84 missiles, 43 were shot down, out of 24 Shaahid drones, 13 were shot down. At the same time, attacks from the Russian Federation continue.

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