Personal doctor: last renewal and further fine for those who were not assigned to a doctor

The electronic appointment system for a personal doctor has been activated for several days, the process is simple and familiar to everyone, since appointments for vaccination against Covid-19 were recorded in the same way.

The first appointment will last 30 minutes and will be combined with a package of free examinations to start filling out the medical record. The duration of the following meetings will be 15 minutes.

It is the duty of all personal physicians to contact registered citizens to complete their medical records, even if they do not show up for an appointment.

The goal is that the entire population, healthy population, not necessarily sick people, join the process at an early stage, so that the doctor conducts free preventive tests to form a file: “health status / anamnesis of existing diseases of a citizen.”

A personal doctor provides comprehensive and constant assistance to each person in order to disease prevention and health promotion. During the two months of the introduction of the “personal doctor” system, more than 4,200,000 citizens over 16 years of age were registered. The program has 3,400 doctors: 1,200 from the private sector and 2,200 from the public sector.

The Ministry of Health has begun to include in the system, in addition to general practitioners and general practitioners, all narrow specialists, so that there is a sufficient number of doctors.

According to the decision, medical specialists with basic training in pathology are also designated as personal doctors, namely:

a) hematology,
b) gastroenterology,
c) endocrinology-diabetology,
d) cardiology,
e) neurology,
e) nephrology,
d) rheumatology,
h) pathological oncology,
i) pulmonology-tuberculology
j) natural medicine and rehabilitation in private practice.

It is noted that the “punishment” measures for refusing to register with a personal doctor are being extended until December 1. Those who register will have priority from 01/01/2023 when planning their regular outpatient visits to public institutions of secondary and tertiary care.

Citizen registers with a personal physician of one’s choice, through the personal physician registration platform (, where the entry is made with TAXIS codes and AMCA citizen, in person at a PFY health facility or through pharmacies.

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