Pyrgos: a fight with a robber ended in a broken hand of the mistress of the house and the escape of the criminal

An elderly woman was attacked by a burglar in her own home. Undaunted, she managed to put him to flight.

Last night, a would-be burglar broke into a house in the Prasino area of ​​Pyrgos, wanting to rob the elderly landlady and expecting no resistance at all. However, the woman bravely entered into a fight with him, protecting her property, reports Patris News.

As a result of a strong push, she fell, having received a broken arm, and the failed robber hastened to leave the “inhospitable” house. However, he was soon detained by law enforcement officers, who were called by the victim and gave his description. He was arrested in the same area and taken to the Elijah Police Department (Διεύθυνσης Αστυνομίας Ηλείας).

The injured housewife was taken to the emergency department by N.M. Pyrgos (Ν.M. Πύργου) and provided first aid. The state of her health does not cause concern.

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