Daring robbery in Thessaloniki by fake policemen

On Wednesday morning, October 5, four men were arrested after breaking into a mobile phone store in Thessaloniki with the intention of robbing it.

According to thesstoday.gr, the criminals entered the store on Monastiriou street wearing police uniforms and body armor. A staff member of Pakistani origin realized that the entrants were not actually police officers, and pressed the “panic button”to alert law enforcement.

The store’s shutters were reportedly lowered at the time, and it is now being investigated whether the employee did it to lure the racketeers into a trap, or if they did it themselves to avoid being discovered by passers-by.

A few minutes later, the police arrived at the scene, and after negotiations, the criminals surrendered.

The criminals tried to get rid of the weapons they had brought with them. According to the same information, the criminals hid pistols in the cistern of the enterprise’s toilet, while at least four knives were found on the spot.

Currently, the police are investigating all scenarios of what happened: from robbery to settling accounts and racketeering.

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