Turkey has officially taken control of Libya’s EEZ and effectively surrounds Greece

Today a delegation from Turkey will pay an official visit to Libya. It will include Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, Energy Minister Dönmez, Defense Minister Akar, Trade Minister Mush, Presidential Communications Director Altun and Presidential Spokesman Kalin.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, During the visit, the process of political transition in Libya will be discussed, and in this context, the issue of elections, bilateral relations, including cooperation in the field of military training, as well as an exchange of views on regional issues will be considered.

But, what is important for Greece, during his visit, the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu will sign a bilateral agreement on the lease of the exclusive economic zone of Libya by Turkey for oil and gas exploration by Turkish companies!

This means surrounding Greece from the south and southeast. Moreover, while the so-called. exclusive economic zone of Turkey actually covers the Greek islands. By providing a literal lifeline of weapons and troops to the government of Libya in 2019, Turkey has turned the country into its de facto colony and can now govern it as it sees fit.

Since the Greek government of Mitsotakis, even in December 2019, did not respond to the piracy announcement of the EEZ of Turkey and Libya, which Tripoli offered, Turkey sends to the southern Aegean research vessel “Oruk Flight” accompanied by half of the Turkish fleet, which for 3.5 months conducted research that violated the sovereignty of Greece!

Moreover, when in August 2020 an Italian cable-laying company laid a submarine cable from Greece to Egypt, the way blocked the Turkish frigate. H.Akar stated that “the ship entered the exclusive economic zone of Turkey to work in the Eastern Mediterranean, but it did not have permission, and the frigate of our fleet asked it to leave.”

Demarcation of the EEZ between Libya (the House of Representatives) and Greece on July 1, 2020.

If Greece does not react to what is happening today, challenging the 2019 agreement in practice on the basis of the 2020 agreement between Greece and Libya, which delimited the EEZ of 2 countries, then its responsibility for encircling the Greek state will become historical.

The development of events is similar to the encirclement of Constantinople in the early 15th century, leading to the fall in 1453. The question is what will they do EU and USA. Will they allow Greece to be surrounded?

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