In November, 800 product codes in supermarkets will rise in price

By the end of November, Greeks will face a new wave of price increases as 800 items in supermarkets are expected to rise in price by at least 10-15%.

For example, cheese products will rise in price by up to 30% compared to today, and soft drinks and drinks by 35%.

Also, the prices for washing powders will rise significantly, which will rise in price by 20%, and baby diapers – by 21%.

Stunning promotions on major products

And while the rise in prices for basic goods continues, dealing yet another hard blow to household budgets, consumers are being urged to be vigilant as the shelves selling products at the same price but in smaller packaging.

Many businesses, in order to avoid new or larger price increases that will alienate consumers from competitors, resort to traditional tricks, leaving the same packaging on the product, but reducing the quantity of goods.

INKA President Georgy Lechuritis spoke about “a new phenomenon of consumer fraud based on the latest data from the Consumer Institute”.

He spoke of a “rigged game” as industries “started a quantity reduction scheme” to keep the price of products the same, but in smaller quantities and with exactly the same packaging so as not to show price increases.

“Companies use tricks to deceive consumers,” emphasizes Mr. Lechuritis, visibly annoyed, citing examples where a 100 ml package of a product turned into 80 ml, and a 1 kg package turned into 800 grams.

  • Yogurt from 250 g to 200 g – 220 g.
  • Croissants from 90 g to 70 g.
  • Chips from 120 g to 90 g.
  • Bread from 1 kg to 870 g.
  • Toilet paper from 1 kg to 800 g.
  • Cat food / dog food from 2 kg to 1,800 g.
  • Pasta from 500 g to 450 g.
  • “We have a massive reduction in packaged food and packaged fruits and vegetables.”

Price “jump” by category:


  • Cheese and dairy products up to 30%
  • Deli meats up to 8.5%
  • Dairy products up to 7%
  • Meat 7%
  • Bakery products up to 19%
  • Canned food, olive oil, wines up to 10%
  • Sauces for pasta up to 21%

Drinks, coffee, snacks

  • Soft drinks and drinks up to 35%.
  • Alcoholic drinks up to 13%
  • Chocolates up to 12%
  • Various “snacks” up to 12%

It should be noted that this is already the fifth and apparently the largest increase in prices this year for food and essential goods.

The first price increase took place in AprilMay, the second in early July, third in early autumn, fourth in early October

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