How to find out what your phone "hacked"

You can learn about the hacking of your gadget and possible tracking by the Internet traffic and the changed “behavior” of the smartphone.

There are several signs that the gadget has been hacked, which even a non-specialist can see. First of all, this is his unusual state, says Artur Karapetov, teacher at Synergy Academy, Product Lead:

“Hacked gadgets change their behavior. By itself, WI-FI, mobile Internet or another service turns on and off, unknown applications appear that you did not install. They may appear as a desktop icon or a menu item in the settings. That is, it happens that it is not even visible, so pay attention to the changes.

Another important sign is an increase in Internet traffic and fast battery drain. Applications that run in the background, and which you may not even be aware of, are to blame for battery consumption.

What to do in this case? Project manager in the field of information security of the IT cluster suggests how he writes BB.LV, simple option:

“You can check the smartphone by examining the applications, accesses and permissions to them. It is necessary to scan the device with an antivirus for malware.

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