Covid-19 vaccines have killed more than 20 million people – "Mortality increased by 180%"

Shocking new study by doctors says Covid-19 vaccines have already claimed the lives of 20 million people and left more than 2.2 billion around the world with side effects.

And all this at a time when governments were imposing mandatory vaccinations with vaccines that were at the experimental stage.

According to the study, in the coming months and years these numbers will increase even morebecause vaccines based on peak proteins gradually damage the body of the “fully vaccinated”, making them susceptible not only to any disease that manifests as an autoimmune disease, but also to deadly blood clots such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

Consolidation of evidence and margin of error

A team of physicians collected and disaggregated data from national medical institutions and, using metrics and algorithms to calculate statistical error, came to the above conclusion.

It notes that the process has been time-consuming and complex as there are significant differences and the way in which hospitalizations, side effects and deaths after vaccination are recorded varies from country to country, even from municipality to municipality, and there are authorities that do not disclose full data. or provide fragmented information.

It is also known, though not officially acknowledged, that cases of simple flu have been reported as Covid infections and deaths have been falsely attributed to a “virus” so that vaccines can later be taken as a “cure”.

Covid 19 ‘cases’ have increased exponentially since Warp Speed ​​campaign

In 2020, before the official launch of vaccines under Donald Trump, the annual rate of “cases” of the coronavirus was about 70 million – and don’t forget that the official definition of a “case” remains as vague today as it was at the beginning of the pandemic.

After the start of the operationWarp Speed“annual number of cases Covid19 increased five times and reached 330 million.

The annual death rate has also increased from 1.7 million before surgery”Warp Speedto 2.9 million after it. This is important because it shows that Vaccinations do not “save lives” as is still claimed.

In fact, the opposite is true, as many more people get sick and die in the era of vaccines.

Rates of growth

“Instead of a 95% (or 91% in litigation) reduction in cases and deaths, there was a 370% increase in the annual number of cases,” writes Peter Halligan in his substack. “The annual death rate has increased by 180%.”

Halligan studied data from the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to come up with figures of 20 million deaths and 2.2 billion patients with serious side effects.

Since VAERS records only a very small percentage of vaccine-related adverse events, Halligan took all the available data into account and came up with numbers that are much more accurate than those provided by the government or Big Pharma.

Dr. David Martin estimates that around 700 million people will die from Covid vaccines by 2028.

Of these, approximately 100 million will be in the United States, depriving the country of about a third of its total population.

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