Added 1 euro to the bill "for coffee that was burned to drive away wasps"

The story in which you don’t know whether to laugh or cry took place in a restaurant on the island of Lesbos. The owner of the restaurant added 1 euro to the bill “for the coffee that was burned to drive away the wasps”…

The couple came to the restaurant to eat. It turned out that wasps were hovering near their table, and they asked the waiter if they could do something or, in extreme cases, if they could change their table if nothing could be done about the wasps. The girl replied: “I’ll bring coffee, I’ll burn it” (there is a belief that the smell of burnt coffee drives away wasps).

When it came time to pay, they were surprised to see that they were charged an extra 1 euro for coffee, and in fact no one took coffee, only food and drinks.

In fact, as a witness of what happened on the air of the SKAI TV channel in the program “Δεκατιανοί” (Tithing) said, the check was brought by the store owner, not the waitress. The man paid, did not argue, but, leaving, he said to the owner of the store: “This is not all the money.” Of course, he received no answer.

When asked by the studio if there was an espresso, he replied that, fortunately, no, because “he would have paid 5 euros”…

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