May 29, 2023

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Thessaloniki: twenty tons of firewood… evaporated

Firewood from the Livadi communal forest, cut for residents of the nearby mountainous areas, was shamelessly stolen.

Reportedly, The municipality of Thermi and the Thessaloniki Forestry Department have collected 20 tons of firewood for distribution to beneficiaries who have problems heating their homes, starting from 3 October. However, the firewood “has grown wings.” Argirios Moraitis, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Greenery and Rural Development of Thermi Municipality, says:

“They created a big problem for us. We were chopping wood to distribute to the residents, but someone… stole it! Every year, we donate firewood to mountain beneficiaries such as the communities of Peristera and Livadi. In this regard, after consulting and suggesting the forest service, we have cut dozens of tons of wood. Of this amount, a part went to the loggers who carried out the felling, but someone stole them.”

Mr. Moraitis links this event to the rise in prices creating energy problems. This is because “this year there was another baboutGreater need for wood, which is a heating method that even more people have turned to. And they … disappeared.

However, the deputy mayor ensures that all beneficiaries receive their allotted amount of firewood: “I hope we don’t have an event like this again.”

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