March 26, 2023

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gangs "Polytechnic": details of the arrest of 22 gang members. Part 2

The operation to arrest the members of the gang, who were stationed at the Politehnio (Zografou) campus, was attended by 6 police teams, 4 O.P.K.E. During the operation, 32 people were arrested and… the dormitory was destroyed.

As we reported earlier, on September 27, the Metropolitan Police carried out an operation to neutralize the gang, whose members were stationed on the campus of the Athens Polytechnic University. Twenty-two people were arrested. Among them is a 22-year-old police cadet who, despite being the daughter of a police officer, while working as a trainee at the Zografu police station, leaked information to criminals and helped them avoid arrest.

The girl had access to a police radio, a service pistol, secret information and details of the investigation of crimes committed by the gang in the areas of Vironos, Zografou, Kesariani and inside the city’s Polytechnic campus, where her accomplice friends placed their “raspberries”. Nine people lived in the dormitories permanently, and twelve – periodically.

Each of those arrested, according to police sources, had a rich criminal past and acted very brazenly (which is not surprising if you have an informant in the police), but this also allowed the police to catch them by surprise.

The gangs were divided into three groups, and in order to control people entering and leaving the hostel and campus, they even formed uniformed security teams (face control). It is noteworthy that in 2019, members of one of the gangs threatened a student with a gun, who did not testify due to fear of reprisals.

The proceeds from their illegal activities went to drugs and women. They called cocaine “white mistress”, policemen – “black dogs”, hydroponic cannabis – “mall”.

The first group specialized in drug trafficking, the second (the most frostbitten) was engaged in robbery, student racketeering and “kept order” in the dormitories of the Polytechnic City, and the third specialized in recruiting new members.


Building of the Politechnio campus in Zografou

The police officers who investigated the case and unsuccessfully tried to arrest the criminals, after the second attempt, realized that there was a “rat” in their camp that “leaked” information to the criminals. Therefore, this information was prepared at the very top, without the participation of employees of the district police stations.

As it turned out, this “rat” was a police cadet who fell in love with one of the 2 leaders of the gang, a 30-year-old Albanian mafia, receiving additional “income” for the information that she passed on to the bandits.

The Albanian, nicknamed “Giulio”, lived in a big way, spending money right and left, driving around in a black Mercedes. Friends of the mafiosi led the same magnificent and exuberant life.


Police trainee who leaked data to criminals

A police cadet posed with two other people holding a gun. This photo was posted on a social network, widely circulated, but so far no one has wondered who this girl and her two friends are who form weapons with gestures.

As it became known today, one of those arrested in the case is a 20-year-old “McDonald’s robber” who robbed a well-known chain store in the Paleo Faliro area last Friday. A chase ensued, ending in Neo Cosmos, and the young man was arrested and his accomplice escaped. After confessing to the investigator, he ended up in jail. The day before, they had robbed a restaurant in the Syntagma area, beat up a Japanese clerk, and seized a white motorbike that was being used to deliver orders.

That same night, they rode a motorcycle to a gas station in Agios Dimitrios, where they took money from a worker at gunpoint. Along the way, they did not hesitate to steal a car with French plates, which they abandoned in Kinosargos Square in Neos Kosmos, trying to hide from the police who were chasing them after the McDonald’s robbery.

The police noticed the white motorcycle of the criminals in the Zografou area and were surprised by what was happening. It was parked near the house of a police trainee, and for them it was another piece of evidence that the young woman had connections with gang members.

Campus Storm: “The situation was appalling”

“On the way from the hostel, I saw a lot of police special forces, heard the sounds of breaking, which, obviously, were from the side of the doors of the dorm rooms, and the screams of people. Before I got to my school, I heard shots, and I didn’t want to believe it “, – the student of NTU told the journalists of the TV channel OPEN.

“The situation that was happening was horrendous,” she added, emphasizing: “The police came and carried out such a high-level operation in student dormitories where people lived, where they broke the doors of children while they were sleeping, where it all ended in shootings. that day, when people were moving around campus, I heard shots being fired next to them. This one was very dangerous.”

“We are students, we are not police officers. We cannot recommend a better or worse operating plan. We know that crime exists on our campuses to the extent that it exists in the rest of society. The situation in the dorms is such that it is very neglected It’s a fact,” the student said.

Extended successful operation was performed

Athens police spokesman Nikos Rigas said in a statement: “An extended operation was carried out and was successful. A number of services EL.AS successfully carried out an action that led to the arrest of many criminals and brought a lot of finds such as weapons. Arrest warrants were issued for specific individuals, and all this led to the success of the operation.”

The students were tied up inside their rooms

The operation was so successful that, in addition to the arrests, several students were reportedly found tied up in their rooms like ordinary bandits. “Yesterday, students saw that their rooms had been broken into – if you look at the dimensions, we are talking about literally hundreds of broken doors. People slept at night and woke up in the morning in fear when special police forces broke into their rooms,” said another student. “Actually, I don’t know how the operation was organized, and it’s not my business to know, but there were arrests or students were tied up in their rooms,” he said and complained that “when the students later went to the administration to express their protest, they showed marks on their hands from the handcuffs that the ΟΠΚΕ employees had put on them.” The police, who entered the students’ houses in the morning to check on them, chained the students to each other.”


According to him, “now the doors are beaten out and not repaired, students just don’t know where to live and are afraid to sleep.”

It is reported that 11 students arrested “for the company” were released after the police sorted out …

See part 1 for the beginning.

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