May 30, 2023

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K. Skrekas: “We have a regular war with Russia!” (video)

Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas, during his television interview on Saturday morning, declared war on Russia, in turn, following the Prime Minister and Dora Bakoyannis, saying verbatim: “Of course, we have a war, and I will not stop, I say this, conventional and energy with Russia!” This particular phrase comes after 4:20.

The energy war is understandable, although it is more about Russia’s self-defense from the sanctions imposed on it by the Europeans.

Conventional war when and why? Russia declared war on Greece? Of course not, because Moscow recently announced this through the Russian embassy in Greece.

Thus we have unilateral declaration of war on Russia by Greeceand the government should explain what is meant by the phrase “conventional war*”.

Conventional warfare means fighting on the battlefield. Unless he means Greek weapons and BMP-1transferred to Ukraine.

Previously, similar statements were made by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Dora Bakoyanni, followed by her brother, the prime minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis. And if the Russian embassy wrote to Bakoyanni’s phrase “we did not declare war on Greece”, then there were no answers to subsequent statements.

It is quite possible that the Kremlin decided not to respond to such statements by the leaders of Greece, since after such a statement by Mitsotakis, the ambassador should be recalled or explanations should be requested from the Russian Foreign Ministry. But most likely, Moscow is in no hurry and is preparing some kind of response, and the reason is this: given the fact that the Greek fleet is the largest carrier of Russian energy resources: coal, oil, gas, it can be assumed that these statements sound more likely for our overseas partners who are annoyed by such activities of enterprising Greeks (money goes past their wallet).

*For reference: conventional war, (from the English conventional – ordinary, traditional; generally accepted; familiar), also just a war – an armed conflict between two or more states, conducted in accordance with international law, without the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) (nuclear, chemical, biological). Conventional warfare differs from asymmetric warfare in that there is no difference[прояснить] between the armed forces and the civilian population, the existence of a moral equality of arms, in which the opponents adhere to the common rules of warfare, as well as the refusal to use prohibited measures.

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