Shocking video: Biden struggles with progressive dementia

There is considerable concern in the US about the significant power vacuum that exists at this critical time, as the nation’s leader, President Joe Biden, once again revealed in a public speech that his mental health is unfortunately failing him more and more every day. .

In a new incident, it is proved that a person who holds almost half of the world’s nuclear weapons in a portfolio and makes decisions about war and peace, the well-being or destruction of people, has simply gone crazy and is in the stage of progressive dementia.

This situation took place in New York: after finishing his speech, the President of the United States tried to get down from the podium, but could not. Lost, he tried to find his way, visibly disoriented. He tried to figure out which direction the stairs were in.

He walked slowly to the opposite side. Another speaker took the podium and Biden was still trying to get off the platform!

The new speaker who took the podium said, “Mr. President, thank you,” but the unfortunate Biden wandered around the stage as if lost.

The scene lasted several minutes. According to the Daily Mail, the President of the United States tried to orient himself, pausing to look at the speaker, as if wondering “Where am I?”.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the scene “terrifying” in a tweet, while his communications adviser Steve Guest added in a tweet: “Joe Biden is completely lost on stage. Scary and sad.”

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