In the United States, another extremely shameful video about the son of American President Joe Biden was released.

This is not the first time the son of an American president, Hunter Biden, has put his family in a difficult position. The British edition of the Daily Mail has distributed another video where Hunter Biden walks naked around the hotel or has group sex with prostitutes in the jacuzzi.

Naked on a waterslide

In this video, Hunter Biden rides naked on a waterslide and poses inappropriately for the camera. Two women join him.

According to the Daily Mail, the footage shows Hunter walking across the lawn of a luxury Malibu mansion he rented for $4,140 a night, stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide in the pool.

Other pictures show him having group sex and having fun with prostitutes in the jacuzzi of his luxury home, which he rented in 2018.

“I love my son,” President Biden says…

The videos were stored on Hunter’s abandoned laptop found by

“I love my son,” Biden said recently when asked if Hunter’s job, or his past hardships, could be a hindrance to the 2024 campaign. “He struggled with and overcame addiction and wrote about it. And no, I didn’t notice anything at all that would affect me or the United States regarding my son Hunter.”

In September and October 2018, Hunter rented two luxury homes around Los Angeles, including a six-bedroom pool, hot tub, and waterslide villa in the upmarket Serra Retreat in the hills of Malibu. It was to this villa that he invited girlfriend Halle Biden, his former mistress and brother’s widow, to come and have fun with him.

During her visit to Hunter in the fall of 2018, the woman filmed him jumping naked into the pool and slapping his buttocks. In another video, Hunter is riding his bike across the lawn, dropping it and taking off his pants. Naked, he climbs the steps of the waterslide and slides down, falling into the pool.

Hunter seemed to be in a playful mood that week, as a few days earlier, he hosted friends at a second West Hollywood rental property and asked them to pose for photos in which he wore sunglasses similar to his father Joe’s signature glasses. bright red scarf, tiny white underwear, and red and white sneakers.

History of Hunter Biden’s laptop

The repair shop owner who turned in the laptop of the son of US President Hunter Biden to the authorities said that the FBI showed no interest in the contents of the computer’s hard drive when he tried to report it to the department in October 2019.

The owner of the workshop, John Paul Mac Isaac, talks about this in his book, excerpts from which he shared with Fox News. According to Isaac, his father went to the FBI office in October 2019, along with a laptop and a repair agreement signed by Hunter Biden. He told the agency’s agent that Isaac feared for his life because he saw pornographic materials and sensitive “geopolitical” information on the computer of the “presidential candidate’s son”.

The book says the agent “didn’t seem interested”, he refused to take the hard drive and only wanted to see the repair contract. After studying the documents, the agent advised Isaac’s father to “get a lawyer and not tell anyone about what happened.”

It is noteworthy that for years the media have been sucking at the harmless 15-minute meeting of the Trump entourage with the lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya near Moscow, but Biden Jr.’s laptop full of compromising evidence, you see, was of no interest to them.

Hunter Biden, by all appearances, made a lot of money, primarily due to the position of his father. The father was happy to please his dear little man, but pleased Hunter not always in vain. As is clear from the text messages on Hunter’s famous laptop, its owner covered a fair amount of the Biden family’s expenses, sometimes giving the priest up to 50% of his earnings.

In October 2020, the New York Post published a series of materials based on correspondence allegedly found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was found in a Delaware repair shop. The owner of the workshop made a copy of his hard drive, which was given to Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and personal lawyer of the then US President Donald Trump. The laptop was reportedly later seized by the FBI.

The Daily Mail wrote that the photographs found on the laptop may indicate the involvement of Biden Jr. in criminal activities in the field of drug trafficking and prostitution.

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