July 14, 2024

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Mixed up babies? Fortunately, no

It took a couple from Larisa more than a month to make sure they were raising their child. A DNA test put an end to their anxieties.

The couple received a message from a private maternity hospital that there may have been confusion with the children, and their child may turn out to be … not theirs. Both couples, whose children’s ownership was in doubt, experienced not the best days in their lives.

The husband and wife decided to do a DNA test, and day after day they anxiously awaited the result. Finally, they were convinced that the baby was really related to them by blood, and she would not have to be given to another family.

The happiness of the parents knew no bounds. Thirty-year-old wife with trepidation put the baby to her chest, experiencing indescribable sensations. And the father, to celebrate, photographed the child from all possible angles, and all the relatives unanimously recognized that the daughter is the spitting image of dad.

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