Greek shipowners are transporting Russian oil, and their TV channels are cursing Russia

It is interesting to observe how Greek shipowners transport Russian oil and in very large volumes, but at home, that is, in Greece, their channels blaspheme Russia, distort reality and incite hatred in the Greeks for a country with which Greece has centuries-old historical ties that were not broken even by the Bolsheviks. .

Of course among them, besides “SKY” Alafouzos, and “MEGA” Vangelis Marinakis.

While the Sky channel σκαι_ξεφτιλες (Sky you screwed up) advertises humanitarian aid for Ukraine in the program “Together”, the Alafusis family continues to transport fossil fuels from Russia. “How ethical is that?” – asks @zaratoustra11

On the picture:

March-June 2022: Greek shipowners transport oil and gas from Russia.

The table shows in percent and metric tons (MT) the volumes of fossil fuels transported by Greek shipowners from Russian ports between March 9 and June 30.

The share of the rest of the fleet owned by Greece (28%) includes shipowners Vangelis Marinakis (357,582t), Onassis Foundation (313,910t), Angelopoulos families (231,652t), Latsis Group (115,878t) and Melissanidis family (112,532 t).
The total tonnage of the Greek fleet is 45,787,356 tons.

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