EFET recalls a batch of frozen chicken cutlets

Unified Food Control Agency EFET recalled a batch of frozen chicken cutlets due to the pathogen Salmonella found in the product.

EФET (Ενιαίος Φορέας Ελέγχου Τροφίμων) и региональное управление Центральной Македонии при проведении контроля взяли пробу мясного полуфабриката со следующей маркировкой: “Μπιφτέκι κοτόπουλο 140 γρ. κατεψυγμένο, σε συσκευασία βάρους 1 Kg, με ημερομηνία κατάψυξης 08/06/2022, LOT:000- 22-159-001 και ανάλωση έως 08/06/202”. The product is produced by the food industry enterprise “ΧΑΤΖΗΓΑΒΡΙΗΛΙΔΗΣ ΘΕΜΙΣΤΟΚΛΗΣ ΑΕ, ΒΙΚΡΕ”.

After testing the samples taken in the EFET food testing laboratory of Thessaloniki, the presence of the pathogenic microorganism Salmonella spp.

EFET demanded immediately recall the entire batch of the product in question from the sales marketand action is already underway. Consumers who have purchased the above product are kindly requested not to consume it.

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