Hallucinogens or "magical" mushrooms seized for the first time in Epirus from a student

The narcotic mushrooms that cause hallucinations were first detected and seized in Epirus, while only a few such cases were found throughout the country.

According to epiruspost.gr, these are special species grown under certain conditions and used as a “drug”, usually along with alcohol. An earlier circular from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addictions (EMCDDA) stated that natural hallucinogens are present in more than 100 types of mushrooms, most of which produce the active ingredients psilocybin and psilocin.

The same document states that in Europe The use of hallucinogenic mushrooms in entertainment venues first appeared in the late 1950s, but their distribution at that time was limited to small, closed groups, such as the poets of the beat movement.. This continued until specialty stores (“smart shops”) and street kiosks provided faster distribution, around the late 1990s and early 2000s. According to the EMCDDA, the mushrooms used to get “high” are mostly cultivated and not harvested in their natural form.

“Mushrooms are sold fresh or dried, as well as their spores (a set of young drug addict / junkie) for home cultivation,” the report says.

A hallucinogenic mushroom was discovered in a 25-year-old student in Arta after an operation carried out by the department’s police on the basis of information received by them. It is noted that this is the first case of detection of such a substance in the region of Epirus.

In particular, as part of measures to combat the spread of drugs, the police located the accused and during the inspection they found and confiscated a prohibited type of narcotic substance (hallucinogenic mushroom) from him.

After that, a search was carried out in his house with the help of a police dog, during which they found and seized:

  • hallucinogenic mushrooms weighing five kilograms and 819 grams,
  • the number of hallucinogenic seeds (spores) of mushrooms weighing two kilograms 595 grams,
  • 36 grams of raw cannabis,
  • cocaine – one gram,
  • two metal grinders,
  • dried fruit of a hallucinogenic mushroom weighing 12.02 grams,
  • an aqueous solution of hallucinogenic mushroom seeds in a 7.5 ml syringe,
  • hemp seeds weighing 11.29 grams,
  • fertilizers of various types with a total weight of 15 kg and 200 grams,
  • cash in the amount of 1000 euros.

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