Corinth: Air Pistol Shooting at a Moving Vehicle

Unknown people in Corinth shot the car with a pneumatic pistol, the woman was injured from broken glasses.

On the Isthmus of Corinth, a car was fired on Friday evening. The family was returning from Calamia, where they were having lunch, when suddenly the side window shattered, like the glasses on the woman’s face, injuring her face, arms and legs with fragments. The injured girl recalls the horror she experienced:

“It seemed to me that I woke up from a dream, I couldn’t imagine what happened, I screamed, they beat us, my mother tried to stop the car. I hear a loud roar, fragments of glasses fall on me, on my eye, on my leg, on my arm. 50m away, there was a gas station, a man helped us there. My mother was in a panic with a pressure of 185, because she saw my eye and the blood on my leg. She panicked.”

The tanker called the police and an ambulance, the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment. In the same place, the police accepted a statement from her and reported that lately, unknown people often deliberately fired air guns at passing cars, writes

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