"common enemy" unites Greeks and Turks

The enemy appeared out of nowhere and in a rather unexpected way united the Greeks and Turks without further ado. This enemy is red and slimy and was found where it should never have been: on a plate full of stuffed wine leaves.

The enemy has one single name: ketchup. Exactly. Ketchup on stuffed grape leaves!!! Millions of Greeks and Turks would have died of sudden death from a stroke or heart attack, just to see ketchup accompanying stuffed grape leaves.

Ketchup on one of the most beloved dishes on both sides of the Aegean – dolmadakia: grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions and greens, lots of fresh herbs, boiled in a broth of water, olive oil and lemon. So what makes this shiny and sticky red sauce in dolmadaki? Real blasphemy!

A common enemy,” said Umut Akar, a Turkish diplomat, who posted on Twitter calling on Turks and Greeks to unite against the red enemy in the form of sauce.

Most Greeks reacted to this with humor, commenting on things like “this is pure evil”, “this is a crime” or “who puts ketchup on sarma*, for God’s sake!”.

But others have begun to recall the historic Greek-Turkish feud. The Greeks recalled 400 years of Ottoman occupation, the division of Cyprus, and so on, while the Turks claimed that they were occupied by the Byzantine Empire, and so on and so forth…..

I took the side of the majority…

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