Areas with properties with the highest return on investment

It is a fact that real estate investments have become more and more attractive in recent years, not only for foreigners, but also for many Greek investors.

The increase in bank accounts (during quarantine, citizens did not have as much spending as in normal times, according to experts), with a simultaneous decrease in interest rates, formed new investment plans for free funds. Everyone is looking for where it would be safe and profitable to invest so that the amounts “grow, not melt.”

On the one hand, after falling property prices during Greece’s 10-year recession, the Greek property market has now entered a steady growth cycle. On the other hand, the “fever” on securities funds (including classical investments “frozen” at one point – in stocks and bitcoins) have lost their attractiveness compared to other investments and getting more income.

Logics investing in rental property is easy: you choose a suitable property, purchase it, and then rent it out to third parties for a short or long term in order to receive a fixed income every month.

In many cases, one of the steps that can make real estate investment more effective is its repair. This will make it easier to find a tenant, increase the rent, and also increase the resale value of the object (apartment, house).

Therefore, if you are thinking about investing in real estate, it is very important to be able to determine the income that it will bring you in the future. Prosperty, the leading real estate platform that has created the most powerful data collection and analysis engine, represents the areas of Athens with the highest annual return on investment and offers some of the best properties for investment in Athens.

Based on reliable data, Prosperty presents the regions of Attica with the highest annual investment returns.

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