3 + 1 life hack: how to fall asleep quickly and sleep well

The quality of sleep decreases as a person ages. However, good sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Many people experience problems at night when they lie down and cannot sleep. It is just as bad (and not normal) when a person seems to have slept all night, but in the morning does not feel rested at all.

According to thesun.co.uk, Dr Maya Schedel, clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Good Sleep clinic, says that the deep sleep stage is necessary because that is when the human body really rests.

However, when a person is young (child or teenager), they need many hours of sleep, which decrease as they get older, especially after 30 years. So, a person over 30 years old or middle age need about one and a half to two hours of deep sleep, which is 25-27% of the total duration of sleep.

Thus, psychologist Maya Shedel offers 3 + 1 life hacks that will help someone sleep soundly at night and easily replenish the necessary energy.

1. The first three hours of sleep are especially important.

According to the doctor, the first three hours from the moment a person goes to bed are especially important, since it is then that the body enters the stage of deep sleep. So she offers prepare for sleep for example, turn off all the lights, visit the toilet (then not wake up at night from the urge to urinate).

2. Adaptation to the partner’s schedule.

Another tip is to go to bed with a partner. According to the expert, the fact that two people either go to bed or sleep at different times, but in the same room, drastically reduces the quality of deep sleep.

This is due either to the classic fact that one partner will wake up when the other “thumps” on the bed, or to the fact that he will be subconsciously alert due to “laying down”, tossing and turning on the bed, or because of the sounds (creaking of the bed, etc.). .).

3. Reducing the amount of caffeine.

Another determining factor is caffeine, which remains in the human body for about six hours. Dr. Maya Schedel advises not to stop drinking coffee, but to drink it a few hours before bedtime so that the body has time to remove it, and the remnants of the substance that stimulates brain activity do not disturb your sleep.

4. Wake up time.

According to the expert, one way to make it easier for someone to transition into deep sleep is to plan for when they wake up. In this way the body programs its internal alarm clock and the quality of sleep improves as the whole process is easier to do automatically.

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