Evros: The security system is falling apart. Dozens of illegal immigrants cross the river every day

The situation in Evros is tragic. Every day, dozens of illegal migrants make their way to the territory of Greece, as if on an excursion, mocking the “law enforcement agencies”, Greece itself.

Illegals slowly crossing the river and then heading first to Thessaloniki, and from there to Attica (mostly) for a permanent settlement.

We say the mosquito won’t get through!!! Are we doing well in Thessaloniki?


They find a country of greedy politicians, force them to pass laws, fill the country with illegals, and everyone is happy.
Now, if your country and life have been ruined, let’s beware.
Another group of illegals posted yesterday about their easy trip to μπ❤️ρδέλο?

At the same time, “vigilant” authorities stop illegal immigrants arriving in the country at airports so that they do not flee abroad.

In Greece, which is suffering an economic collapse due to the energy crisis, in order to be on the “right side of history”, the solution of the demographic issue imposed from Brussels at the expense of people from Muslim countries and Africa may have a serious impact on the situation in the country in the near future .

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