Moscow responded to D. Bakoyannis about the “state of war with Russia”

in a laconic phraseRussia did not declare war on Greeceimplying that there is no question of a unilateral declaration of war by Greece, Moscow responded to statements by the sister of the prime minister and former foreign minister, Dora Bakoyannis.

In particular, yesterday Dora Bakoyannis, speaking in the morning show of Georgios Papadakis on ANT1…., declared “war” on Moscow, stating that we are at war with “Russia”!

The MP from the New Democracy stressed: “We are living in a period of great anxiety. We are in a country that has a specific threat from the East, a country that is at war with Russia because of its position towards Ukraine, like the rest of Europe”.

After the New Democracy government sent weapons and military specialists to Ukraine, joined the full package of sanctions and expelled some of the diplomats, it was quite possible to expect a complete break in relations, qualifying the situation as a “state of war.”

Nevertheless, such statements from such an influential person are either problems of intemperance or a deliberate escalation of the atmosphere in a situation where the party, which is led by her nephew, is rapidly losing popularity.

In an interview, D. Bakoyanni dissociated herself from her brother’s decision not to change the electoral law (she believes that this would give him the opportunity to form a government if he scored … 36% in the second election!). She says without hesitation that her stance in favor of changing the electoral law applies to the case of SYRIZA as well: “It’s not that changing the electoral law will give confidence. sounded from my own lips – than to be left without a government.

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