In Greece they pay … even for ice in a glass

A restaurant in Thessaloniki charges for ice, which is added to drinks.

This was discovered when a couple had dinner at a catering establishment and received a check. In which “black and white”, a separate item was an additional fee of one euro per ice, according to Mega TV channel.

The company, answering a media question, indicated that this additional service for clients.

“The policy of the store is to charge for ice. These are special ice cubes that melt more slowly (!). This is not the usual ice that we put in all drinks. This is a large cube that is added to our special drinks. This is always done by agreement between the waiter and the customer,” the restaurant manager said.

Store owners report that the price of ice has increased by 50%, but it must be included in the menu for billing (the ice cubes use the freezer, which is a waste of electricity).

“The owner believes that he should also charge for ice because it has also risen in price as a product. Ice is not just water! commented the chairman of the procurement committee, engaged in “debriefing”.

PS I suggest putting fake (sold in a joke shop) plastic ice cubes in drinks. Just like the real ones. And – supposedly ice in a glass, and does not melt. And you don’t need electricity. I bought it once – and then you just wash it and add it to another visitor’s glass. Life hack. Don’t thank.

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