Olive trees used for firewood

The owner of the olive plantations came to visit the suburban area and … was stunned!

The attackers turned more than 80 olive trees into firewood. The victim immediately contacted the local police station. An olive grower was speechless when he visited an orchard in the mountain village of Parnasis (Phokis) a few days ago to check on the condition of the trees and the ripeness of the fruit. Someone has infiltrated his territory and destroyed the trees!

The illegal felling of trees took place between the fifteenth of August and the first week of September. The man filed a lawsuit with the Amfissa-Delphi Police Department, which took over the preliminary investigation in order to find a brazen criminal or criminals who turned an entire olive grove into … firewood!

PS I am not surprised, because against the backdrop of the energy crisis and on the eve of winter, we will not yet observe something ….

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