Voucher for the poor: who is the recipient and the timing of payments

A total of 2.3 million citizens will receive a €250 check, a one-time payment expected to be credited to beneficiary accounts before Christmas.

Financial state support for vulnerable citizens is being strengthened as the voucher amount increases to 250 euros from 200 before. Besides an increase in the number of pensioners receiving benefitsand the monthly income limit (the criterion by which they judge you to be considered poor or not) is increased to 800 euros instead of the previous 600.

Thus, about a million pensioners will receive financial assistance, and the total number of recipients will be 2.3 million people, and the total budget will be 496 million euros.

Who is eligible for a voucher

  • 1 million pensioners with a monthly income of up to 800 euros.
  • 35,000 uninsured senior citizens. That is, people over 67 years of age who do not have any pensions and receive the OPECA allowance.
  • 172,000 recipients of disability benefits from OPECA.
  • 100,000 long-term unemployed, i.e. those who remain unemployed for more than 12 months (and are registered in OAED).
  • The 225,000 minimum guaranteed income (EEE-KEA) recipients will receive a double payment in December.
  • 800,000 Child Benefit/CARE recipients will receive an additional 1.5 monthly payments.


  1. Expected that the first limitation will be other sources of income, such as renting premises.
  2. The second limitation is expected to be asset criterion, where until last year it should not have exceeded 200,000 euros.
  3. The third limitation is family’s annual income. This year the family income limit is 16,800 euros, while last year it was 14,400 euros.

The date of payment of the amount of 250 euros is scheduled for the period from 15 to 30 December of the current year.

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