Thousands of unemployed risk losing unemployment benefits and fines

Thousands of unemployed are at risk of deletion from the registers ΔΥΠΑ (ΟΑΕΔ), which implies the termination of the unemployed card and unemployment benefits. Violators also face heavy fines.

For the first time, ΔΥΠΑ benefits will be paid instead of unemployment benefits. (Η Δημόσια Υπηρεσία Απασχόλησης – ΔΥΠΑ / State Employment Service (DYPA))

Specifically, it is envisaged that those who find work during the period of unemployment benefits will continue to receive 50% of benefits until the scheduled end date of the period of payment.

Exclusion from ΟΑΕΔ registries

At the same time, new changes to ΟΑΕΔ provide for an exception from the registers ΟΑΕΔ (ΔΥΠΑ) unemployed from 6 months to 2 years, if the unemployed person refuses to work or participate in a training program.

In particular:

If the job seeker refuses from three offered vacancies, that correspond to the digital individual action plan and the features of the job seeker reflected in it, benefits will be terminatedand the job seeker will excluded from the digital register ΔΥΠΑ for two (2) years.

If a job seeker does not participate in continuing professional education or trainingindicated by ΔΥΠΑ, benefits are terminated, and the job seeker is excluded from the ΔΥΠΑ digital register for six (6) months. Participation means attending a training event before it ends and receiving a certificate of successful completion of the training.

Failure to prepare a digital individual action plan in cooperation with an employment consultant in a timely manner will result in removal from the ΔΥΠΑ digital registry for 6 months.

If a job seeker fails to fulfill other obligations related to cooperation with an employment consultant, the more specific consequences provided for in this decision apply.

At the same time, any person who requests to be registered in the digital register of the employment service, being employed under a contract or employment relationship, or in the case of a self-employed person, if the conditions of paragraph 1 are not met, article 30 1 of Law no. 4144/2013 or para. Article 44 of Law no. 3986/2011 or who, being registered in the register, begins to work and does not immediately declare his employment in ΔΥΠΑ, is immediately removed from the ΔΥΠΑ Digital Registry and is not eligible for re-registration until the expiration of six months.

In case of repeated violation within 12 months, he loses the right to re-register in digital registry ΔΥΠΑ for 2 years.

Benefits paid in such a case charged as overpaidand an administrative fine is imposed by an act of the administrator ΔΥΠΑ. Penalties are also imposedif employment is carried out without proper announcement or announcement.

What happens in case of false declaration

In the event of a false declaration by the applicant regarding the information contained in the ΔΥΠΑ digital register, or the applicant’s failure to update this information within the time limits established in the decision, a temporary removal from the ΔΥΠΑ digital register may be imposed by an act of the administrator of ΔΥΠΑ for a period corresponding to the severity of the violation.

If, as a result of a false statement or omission, allowances, allowances or benefits were paid, administrative penalties are imposed after the interested person is invited to give explanations in accordance with Article 6 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.

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