Ukraine imposes sanctions against Turkish banks and businessmen. How will Erdogan react?

A scandal is brewing between Turkey and Ukraine. Kyiv proposed to impose sanctions against Turkish businessmen and banks. How will Erdogan react?

Turkish edition of Aydinlik informswhich is on the Ukrainian sanctions list of the state-owned Ziraat Bank, the heads of İşbank and businessman Husnu Oziegin, the owner of Credit Europe Bank, operating in Russia.

It is specified that a list of leaders of the Turkish Ziraat Bank, İş Bank and Credit Europe Bank with photographs has been published. According to the publication, “on the site (state resource, which openly calls for sanctions against these companies and individuals, on the page of the person whose profile you click on, a call to “world governments” appears impose sanctions on this person.
The publication calls on official Ankara to respond to such calls.
It is necessary to analyze the site in question and determine the real power behind it. If this is a site associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then it cannot be silent about it. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also investigate this issue, within the framework of the information received, the necessary assessments should be made and measures taken”the newspaper said.

Naturally, the Turks are in shock – reproaches against Ukraine have already begun to sound, which, thanks to Turkey, can earn on the grain deal. And at the same time, he calls for sanctions against Turkish citizens. Experts interviewed by the newspaper demand that Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey be summoned to the Foreign Ministry, since this site, in addition to the National Anti-Corruption Agency, is patronized by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“While US and European sanctions against Russia have proven ineffective, the US and some European countries blame Turkey for this. The US went even further and sent threatening letters directly to Turkish business organizations, in violation of diplomatic rules and international law. At that time “As such a picture is observed, there is also the presence of a hostile attitude of Ukraine towards Turkey. In particular, on a website allegedly associated with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry (, propaganda was found for imposing sanctions against Turkish businessmen and banks,” writes edition.

Aydinlik’s sources said that on September 11, Ankara had already expressed its dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian ambassador, asking Kyiv for clarification.

“Given our existing strategic partnership with Ukraine, our solidarity and all-round cooperation, Turkish individuals and organizations should not be persecuted in the context of sanctions, and this issue is under close scrutiny,”– said the interlocutors of the publication.

Turkey has repeatedly advocated a diplomatic settlement of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but has not supported anti-Russian sanctions. In March, one of the rounds of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations took place in Istanbul, which were terminated in May at the initiative of Kyiv. On July 22, Russia and Ukraine, with the participation of Turkey, agreed on the export of grain from three Ukrainian ports. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey may support Ukraine more than many NATO allies.

How will Erdogan react to this and will the supply of Bayraktars and other weapons to Ukraine continue? In addition, a deal to export Ukrainian grain by sea is also at stake. What did Blinken promise Zelensky in return, for which he is ready to ruin relations with Turkey?

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