Jean-Luc Godard died by euthanasia

The news of death Jean-Luc Godardthe director who created the direction of the French Nouvelle (new wave) and played a big role in general for world cinema, has circled the world since the very morning.

“Father” of the French New Wave died by euthanasia, his family’s lawyer confirmed to AFP. “Godard resorted to euthanasia with legal assistance in Switzerland due to multiple pathological conditions leading to disability, under the terms of the medical report,” explained Patrick Jeanneret, confirming the relevant information published by the Liberation newspaper.

“He wasn’t sick, he was just exhausted,” an unnamed person close to the family told the newspaper. “So he made the decision to end it. It was his decision, and it was important for him that it became known,” he added.

According to the director’s wife Anne-Marie Mieville, “he died peacefully surrounded by loved ones” at his home on the shores of Lake Geneva in the Swiss commune of Rolle.

There are various forms of euthanasia in Switzerland, such as passive and euthanasia. The most famous is the auxiliary, which is allowed under certain conditions.

Jean-Luc Godard was one of the most famous representatives of the new wave in French cinema. This direction developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Against the backdrop of commercial films then prevalent in the box office, the representatives of the new wave abandoned the predictability of the narrative and often resorted to methods that were radical for that time.

Among the films of Godard: “Male – Feminine”, “Living Your Life”, the painting “Breathless”, which became the debut work of Jean-Paul Belmondo, as well as “Gang of Outsiders” and “Little Soldier”. In 2011, Godard received an Oscar for his contribution to the development of cinema.

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