Vaccination certificates are back!

The Mitsotakis government is restoring the policy of prohibitions and restrictions for citizens in connection with the “pandemic” of Covid-19 at a time when almost all countries in the world, except perhaps China, have abandoned such practices.

And in those countries where there is still a vaccination policy, there are no prohibitions for citizens if they do not want it.

It should also be noted that “proven vaccines” against Covid-19 have caused a “wave” of deaths and autoimmune diseases, especially mRNA vaccines. But this seems to be of concern only to the citizens themselves.

According to the bill of the Ministry of Health, which was submitted for consideration on Monday (September 9), employees of both the private and public sectors continue to present a mandatory vaccination certificate until the end of the year … otherwise they will take a rapid test until the end of 2022 .

This is defined in the draft law of the Ministry of Health “Establishment and organization of a legal entity of public law called “UNION OF RADIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES – RADIATION THERAPY OF GREECE” (ETAAE), a measure to combat the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 and public health and other provisions.”

In practice, this means that workers continue to present their vaccination certificate until at least the end of the year. Therefore, they must be fully vaccinated, both in the private and public sectors.

PS These guys can also return fines for those who are not vaccinated …

PPS My wife does a weekly rapid test at the pharmacy. Now 1 time, until April 2 times. If you’re lucky for 5, if not, for 10 euros. And so for almost 50 weeks (Soon a year). We multiply by the number of residents of Greece obliged to do this procedure and we get a very indecent figure in euros. Maybe this is the reason?

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