TIF: Greek “Archytas” at the exhibition site ΕΑΒ

The Hellenic Aviation Industry (Ελληνικής Αεροπορικής Βιομηχανίας) booth opened at TIF on Saturday, displaying a 1:2.5 scale replica of the first Greek drone, Architas.

The newest unmanned aerial vehicle “Architas” is unique, its design differs from all other UAVs in that it has VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing). In addition to the drone, innovations, know-how and a wide range of company activities were presented at the Greek stand.

The TIF showroom details ΕΑΒ’s integrated training programs that cover the entire spectrum of aviation maintenance skills (aircraft and helicopters, aircraft engines, electronics), specialty courses (structural repairs, welding techniques), procedures, management, quality courses.

The Chiefs of the General Staff Vice Admiral Themistoklis Burolias, Lieutenant General Charalambos Lalusis and Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis got acquainted with the exhibits in the premises of the pavilion.

The VTOL UAV of the Architas program is based on a fixed-wing platform of the class of large-scale tactical drones. According to EAB, the configuration of the UAV fuselage and power plant has now been completed. The internal placement of electronics, payload, fuel tank, auxiliary vertical takeoff and landing systems, etc. has been completed.

It is expected that in November the design will be completed, and in December the wear of the first prototype will begin. The program is expected to be implemented in 1.5 years.

For the development and manufacture of the device, EAB cooperates with three universities: Aristotle in Thessaloniki, Democritus in Thrace and the University of Thessaly, reports newsbeast.gr.

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