Maternity leave increased from six to nine months

From 6 to 9 months, maternity leave and the simultaneous payment of maternity allowance for mothers will be increased, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at the ΔΕΘ.

Currently, working mothers are entitled to a special six-month maternity leave (τοκετού-λοχείας), which will increase to 9 months after the adoption of the new regulation. The right to receive special additional leave for maternity protection is exercised by submitting an application from the recipient of the benefit herself (or through a representative) to the competent service of the ΟΑΕΔ.

During the aforementioned special leave, ΟΑΕΔ is obliged to pay the working mother a monthly amount equal to the minimum wage determined each time, as well as a share of holiday gifts and vacation pay.

As for vacation pay, the employer pays the difference from the share of vacation pay paid by ΟΑΕΔ, while the payment of both wages and vacation pay occurs in parallel with the realization of the employee’s right to regular annual leave.

And the obligation of the employer to pay Easter and Christmas gifts is limited to the period before and after six months of special maternity leave, which is granted in accordance with the provisions KYA 19040/1981.

The time of special leave for maternity protection is counted as an insurance period in the pension department of the EFKA. ΟΑΕΔ is required to pay defined contributions to the pension sector.

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