And in Portugal they stock up … cones

In anticipation of winter, the Portuguese are in a hurry to stock up on cones to heat fireplaces. Although this is not the only way to heat homes.

How to keep warm in winter

As such, there is no centralized heating system in Portugal. At one time, the authorities in Lisbon experimented, but that was the end of it – unprofitable. However, with gusty ocean wind and humidity, jokes are bad, so the population has to look for the most affordable way. Among the possible options to keep warm in the cold, lists lusitanasol:

  • dress warmly at home, and go outside to “warm up”, sometimes it is more comfortable there. Plus – cheap. Minus – inefficient;
  • use heaters and air conditioners. Plus, it’s warm. Minus – quite expensive;
  • solar panels, with the sale of surplus produced energy to the state. Plus, it’s profitable. Minus – requires tangible initial investments;
  • fireplaces. Warm, with many options – from expensive to free.

How do the Portuguese heat fireplaces?

It is easier and faster to buy firewood. You can buy compressed sawdust briquettes, but since they are often damp, they are not in great demand among the population. The life hack of the locals is huge pine cones, which are in abundance in the surrounding forests. They are compact, dry, exude a delicate aroma when burned and crackle pleasantly. Well, and most importantly, you can stock up on this type of fuel for the winter absolutely free.

So if you meet a contented person coming out of the forest carrying a basket of cones, do not be surprised – he is looking forward to a pleasant evening by the fireplace. Considering difficulties coming winter in Greece, as well as in other European countries, this option deserves attention.

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