K. Mitsotakis to the Greeks: "Send the energy bill… to Putin!"

By telling the people of Greece to “send your electricity bill to Putin,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apparently thought that in doing so he would solve the problem of outrageous energy prices that had bankrupted the Greeks financially. However, in response, he received a storm of negative and offensive comments on social networks.

The prime minister apparently really thinks that the people of Greece are stupid and do not understand the real reasons for the rise in prices. In addition, he did not say why the Greeks pay the most expensive electricity bills in all of Europe and what privileges were given to companies and suppliers friendly with Megaro Maximu.

This and other quotes by Mitsotakis delivered today at TIF caused buzz on twitter. See how people have taken Mitsotakis’s words. We will not translate 90% of them, as they contain rude insults, which is unacceptable for our publication. However, you can use the automatic translation function yourself through google translate

He talks about his personal bacchanalia with equipment at a time when the Greek industry did not receive a single euro.

So now you see this guy talking all this nonsense when we all know the truth because we see it in front of us every day and you are proud that you voted for it? Since I live in Crete and didn’t see the person who voted for him, what exactly do you look like?

#Μητσοτακης sweated, but probably not from the heat, but from sadness, speaking in #ΔΕΘ2022 last time as prime minister

I don’t know if the Thessaloniki metro will be ready by the end of 2023, he still won’t be prime minister to see it. #ΔΕΘαγινουνποτε #ΔΕΘ2022

Come on, sweat again river! Why the incompetence of the Prime Minister is not hidden #ΔΕΘ2022

63 euro increase in the minimum wage with a 100% increase in food prices….. you are ridiculous!!!! #ΔΕΘ2022

A 5 percent growth means a record $5 billion in foreign investment is slowly passing through. #ΜΕ_ΤΟΝ_ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟ #ΔΕΘ2022

Well… We live in such a country… It’s been years since I’ve felt so proud… For everything we’ve achieved… He said and looked to see if there was anything left of the fuel pass 4 euros for petrol #ΔΕΘ2022

Mr. Bean began his speech with a joke. The progressive prime minister said not to turn back Greece, Who is the one who turned Greece back 80 years when it has no electricity, heating and much more in winter. #ΔΕΘ2022

What are you talking about, baglama? Yes, we eat with golden spoons, we don’t know what to do with them. #ΔΕΘ2022


The look you get when you throw so much money at a lame horse. #ΔΕΘ2022

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