Brown garbage cans appeared on the streets of cities: what are they for

The Greek authorities continue their environmental recycling program by supplying cities with new specialized garbage trucks and food waste bins (brown).

In addition to those that everyone knows about, garbage containers green (for general garbage), blue (for paper, aluminum and glass waste), brown bins appeared, of a much smaller volume. This is done on purpose so that food waste does not remain (and rot) in the tanks for a long time, creating a stench and an unfavorable environment in terms of health. They are small, fill up quickly and are taken away by specialized garbage trucks (they are not mixed with other household waste).

Now the turn has come to the metropolitan area of ​​Peristeri (after Kallithea, Argyroupoli, Elliniko and others). The equipment was received by the Oblast Governor Mr. Patulis and the Deputy Governor of the Civil Protection Oblast (and ΕΔΣΝΑ President) Mr. Kokkalis, as well as the Deputy Mayor for the Environment Ms. Ciotu and other officials.

Four solid waste collection trucks, 550 brown special waste containers and compost pallets have arrived in the municipality of Peristeri. The Attica region continues its program of distribution of recycling equipment to the municipalities of Attica.

Upon receiving the equipment, Mr. Patoulis expressed his satisfaction with the significant progress in the biowaste management process, noting that “the use of new equipment will further facilitate the large-scale operation of the recycling sector”, adding that “recycling is not something ephemeral. It is a lifestyle that aims to make our daily lives better and also create a healthy environment for our children and future generations.”

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