A whole month … the queue for firewood. Their cost has increased by 20-30%

In order to survive the cold winter in the face of energy problems, Greek consumers have already begun to stock up on firewood and pellets.

However, the merchants of Attica are in despair, as there are obvious problems with the supply of firewood to the warehouses of enterprises selling goods at retail. “Not even for Christmas. Forests are not cut down. At the moment, the problem is in the production of goods. We can’t find enough firewood. There are long waiting lists that start from 15-20 days and can reach up to a month,” says iefimerida.gr the president of the Attica Solid Fuel Traders Association (ΣΕΣΚΑ), Mr. Ioannis Sakellarakis.

According to him, firewood prices are 20-30% higher than last year. The cost of chopped firewood “in bulk” starts from 120-130 euros per cubic meter and 140 euros per cubic meter – in a “package”. In addition, the closer to winter, the more expensive the goods.

Trying to explain the reason for the increase in prices, Mr. Sakellarakis states: “Not everyone buys timber. This is not a solution. There is a problem in production, availability and prices. All sources where we bought firewood, and these are Bulgaria, Romania, partly Albania and Serbia, which accounted for 35% of imports, are closed.

Local resources, of course, are not enough. The energy crisis and the increase in oil and natural gas prices are forcing regional producers to leave solid fuel for their own consumption. Thus, Attica was left without firewood, and we are looking for where to buy it.”

At the same time, the once cheap and efficient pellets that many Greeks have become accustomed to using in recent years are now a luxury item as the price has skyrocketed. In particular, the previous cost of 6-7 euros for a package of quality pellets this year exceeds 10 euros.

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