Cumhuriyet: The target of the US-approved Athens trap

Greece wants to legitimize “the islands it occupies” and expand the space of domination, writes the Turkish edition Cumhuriyet. That is why she pursued Turkish F-16s and used S-300s. According to the author of the article, this “Athenian trap” could not have done without the participation of the United States.

Mehmet Ali Guller, author publications, declares: “Let’s first present the real picture. For the United States, Greece is an ally, and Turkey is only a partner with whom they cooperate. That was yesterday, and that is how it is today …

Tomorrow the gap will be even greater. Because the US strategy is aimed at the “new iron curtain” – from the Arctic Ocean to the Eastern Mediterranean. That’s why they want to make Sweden and Finland members of NATO and concentrate weapons in Greece.”

Further, the author refers to the recently dominant point of view that ” Greece illegally occupies the Turkish islands. Illegal because the Treaty of Lausanne stipulated that Greece could not station troops there, which means that the treaty is violated and Greek jurisdiction does not apply to them“. Mr. Mehmet Ali Guller apparently forgot (or pretended to forget) that after the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, the status of the Greek islands was not only confirmed by other treaties.

The Treaty of Lausanne envisaged the demilitarization of the Greek islands of Limnos and Samothrace, the Dardanelles, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus, as well as the Turkish islands of Imbros (Gökçeada), Tenedos (Bozcaada) and the Rabbit Islands (Tavshan). The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that this requirement was abolished by the 1936 Montreux Convention, citing the document’s preamble, which stated that Montreux completely replaced Lausanne.

The Greek right to militarize Limnos and Samothrace was recognized by Turkey in an official letter sent in 1936 by the Turkish ambassador in Athens. The provisions of the Paris Peace Treaty between Italy and the Allies in April 1947 called for the demilitarization of the Dodecanese Islands in the southeastern Aegean. Greece believes that since Turkey did not sign this treaty, the demilitarized status lost its meaning of existence with the entry of countries into NATO. As it turned out, they thought in vain …

Map of Turkish claims. Appearance maps, where the territory of Greece is indicated as Turkishproject “Blue Motherland”, declarations for the demilitarization of the Greek islands and provocative drilling operations in the EEZ of Cyprus – links of one chain.

“Mitsotakis’ Calculation”

The author of Cumhuriyet continues: “On the other hand, Athens wants to turn this into an opportunity to commemorate its achievements, which have increased under the rule of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey. More specifically, Greece strategically wants to legitimize the islands it occupies, and then expand the space of dominance at sea and in the air, and tactically, the Mitsotakis government wants to win the elections by creating tensions with Turkey“.

It seems that Mr. Mehmet Ali Guller decided to use the old, but still effective technique of political balancing act, blaming the other side for what they themselves are accused of.

Turkey is looking for an excuse to denounce the Lausanne Treaty, Greek political scientists say

These claims from Turkey did not appear by chance, says Greek Turkologist Nikos Chiliadakis. The difficult economic situation, inflation at a rate of 150% put the ruling elite of Turkey in a difficult situation ahead of the upcoming presidential elections next year. That is why the Turkish leadership has relied on nationalism and patriotism, fueling the image of the enemy in the face of Greece and the Western world as a whole.

Targeting radars of the Greek air defense system S300

The author recalls a conflict situation that happened a few days ago when the Greek air defenses activated the S-300 radars when Turkish aircraft entered the flight information region (FIR) of Greece: “That is why Greece first pursued the Turkish F-16s escorting the American B-52 bomber over the Aegean Sea, and then the S-300 missile systems stationed in Crete aimed their radar at Turkish aircraft … Mitsotakis, claiming that “the United States decided to increase the presence in Greece,” hopes to get American support in Turkish-Greek tensions and even to isolate Turkey in NATO by provoking Ankara to activate the S-400. All this is supposed to be transformed into a pre-election resource.“.

Role of Washington

It is further mentioned aboutthe role of the United States in the development of this confrontation. Okay, but Washington doesn’t know about Mitsotakis’ calculations and the Athenian trap? Of course he knows, and moreover, apparently, he approves of it.

The fact that the United States sidestepped the issue of pursuing the Turkish aircraft escorting their bomber, and NATO, after warning Athens, deleted the congratulatory message on the occasion of the day of the victory of Turkey over Greece August 30, also explains quite a lot.
Ultimately, for the US administration, these are small concessions in exchange for turning Greece into a military base, from start to finish.a”. And in this, Mr. Mehmet Ali Guller is absolutely right. In recent years, Erdogan has ensured that almost all US bases have been withdrawn from Turkey. At the same time, Washington has opened even more of its military bases nearby, in Greece.

At the same time, the Turks and Greeks, in fact, should have asked this question: what is the American B-52 bomber doing in the Aegean (Turkish-Greek) Sea? “Demonstration of allied intentions”, as was stated in the official statement of Washington, or demonstration of the US nuclear arsenal, like, you are allies, but you should also be afraid …

Psychology Alpha male. (A. Berg)
Scientists have found that the social life of monkeys exactly matched the human. Chimpanzees traded with each other in the same way, performed work, as befits people. With all this, the places in the hierarchical pyramid were clearly painted. Alpha is the leader who beats everyone, takes away food and dominates with intelligence and brute strength. Betas are those who support the leader and, in principle, are suitable for his role, but so far they are inferior to him and therefore try to sit out, if possible. And so lower and lower, to miserable pariahs – omegas. Omegas are downtrodden, helpless and defenseless, who can be offended with impunity by anyone who is higher in the hierarchy.
Remarkably, the family also obeys the laws of the pack.
Every woman is a mammal of a pack, and she is supposed to periodically check by instinct – who is in charge in the pack. And if a man cannot prove his alpha, begins to yield and dance to his wife’s tune, then it turns out lousy, because “a woman is prescribed to obey a peasant, and if he is submissive to a woman, then it infuriates her more and more.” And when a couple of idealists argued with him, he cited banal dogs as an example. Like a dog also periodically checks who is in charge. Such riots are usually suppressed in passing by dog ​​owners, and the world reigns further. But if the owner zasboil and pass, then the dog begins to consider himself the leader, and everything ends lousy. When a dog fights someone in the family, she didn’t get mad. This means – I realized that the main one is she. And therefore he puts his subordinates in their place, according to their understanding.
Based on this, we can make a global conclusion – why are all countries underlaying the United States, but they don’t like Russia and try to spoil it at any convenient moment, even if this very Russia saved from a banal liquidation, like the same Georgians who were supposed to be massacred by the Persians. And in this case, everything is clear. US behavior is normal alpha.
Everyone is beaten for the slightest offense, they show their will harshly and unequivocally, everything is taken away from everyone, and if they give anything (Alpha animals can also sometimes give handouts to subordinates), then for each given vitamin they demand everything different and without any indulgences. And Russia is the opposite. He gives everything for nothing and asks nothing for it. This behavior is not typical for alphas. That’s how pathetic sigmas behave. Who give food and nishtyaki even before they start to beat. It’s scary enough to look at.
And it cannot be perceived otherwise. Humanism, mercy, generosity in animals is not in principle. All this is perceived only as a weakness. And therefore, since such a model is typical for animals, it is quite suitable for people too.
It seems that Turkey is tired of the role of Sigma, and Greece, which previously claimed at least the role of Gamma in Mediterranean politics, finally tried on the role of Omega.

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