Pizza prices increased after souvlaki: new price list by region

After the rise in price of souvlaki and coffee, the price of pizza also rose. Pricefox CEO Dimitris Tsatiris speaking on the channel OPENnoted that compared to last year, there is an increase of about 15%.

As an example, he mentioned how much an 8-piece pizza costs in different regions of Attica.

“The most expensive in Glyfada is 25.08 euros. All the pizzas we included in the review are 8 slices and contain three to five ingredients. This is not just the most ordinary margarita pizza. They have different ingredients, they are medium in size and consist of 8 pieces. In Kifissia, pizza costs 24 euros, in Kolonaki 23.5 euros,” he stressed.

Among other things, Mr. Tsatiris was asked why in Nikiya you can find a pizza for 5 euros, and in Glyfada for 25 euros. “Rent here is the main expense item… Of course, labor costs, that is, the store owner hires employees (for delivery and waiters). Usually in fashionable areas, its cost is higher. Thus, the fixed costs of the business are quite high, and they need to be shared with the end user somehow. In Athens, the average price of a pizza is 9.8 euros. Surprisingly, the capital is followed by Crete (pizza for 8.70 euros), which is also due to the fact that there is now a large flow of tourists in Crete, so prices have increased slightly. In Patras, its cost is 7.90 euros. In Thessaloniki and Volos about 7.6 euros. And finally, in Larissa and Agrinio, its cost is 7.5 euros.

The price of pizza in other regions was from 5 to 11 euros, with an average price of 7 to 8 euros, he noted among other things. He also touched upon the issue of pizza price comparison. “It is very important and very interesting how big the price range is. For example, in Athens, the most expensive pizza can reach 28 euros and start at 4.50 euros. We have a huge price range from 4.50 to 28 euros. We have the most expensive pizza in Larisa from 16 euros, the cheapest from 4.5 euros. The comparison is very important. We always look at prices before buying, and the Internet gives us this opportunity, ”he added.

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