Where is the most beautiful mountain route in Greece

For travelers who want to enjoy a truly enchanting scenery, there is a route that claims to be the most beautiful in Greece.

The path through the mountainous countryside, one of the most charming in Europe, is a real attraction for travelers, both locals and visitors.

Here you can have a great rest from the hateful heat, because it is always a little cool here (compared to the air temperature in the southern part of mainland Greece and on the islands).

The enchanting mountain routes to find and enjoy truly unique moments in Greece are numerous and can be found in almost all parts of the country. But there is one that stands out and can be considered the most beautiful in Greece. This is the old national road E82, which starts from Pylos and reaches Sparta, passing through Kalamata.

The part that stands out the most is between Kalamata and Sparta, and allows the traveler to enjoy the changing landscape and the beauties of Mount Taygetos (Ταΰγετου).

The above route has a length of 60 kilometers and is characterized by many successive turns, as well as a large difference in altitude from the beginning to the end of the path. The highest point on it is the Lagadia mountain pass at an altitude of 1350 m above sea level. Travelers will meet two gorges on their way, as well as the beautiful and full of spruce forests of Taygetos, from the tops of which a view of the Messinian Gulf opens.

The road is generally in poor condition and it will take you just over an hour to drive, or more if you make time for the scenery and photos you want to take.

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