July 16, 2024

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Russia warns the US "consequences"

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that only the “finest line” separates the United States from becoming a party to the conflict in the war against Ukraine.

“UP” quotes Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov, whose words are quoted by the Russian agency “RIA News”:

“We have repeatedly warned the United States about the consequences that may come when the United States, by carrying out this pumping and engaging in other forms of direct support for Kyiv, in fact, puts itself in a position close to what can be called a party to the conflict. The thinnest line that separates The United States from turning into a conflict should not serve as some kind of illusion for the frenzied anti-Russian forces that, having crossed it, everything will remain as it is.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Ryabkov assured that, in which case, the Russian Federation can fully protect itself and its interests:

“Russia is in a position to fully protect its interests and ensure them in the most reliable way, just as the goals facing the NWO will be achieved on a full scale.”

According to Ryabkov, Russia is capable of using nuclear weapons if the existence of the country is threatened, “this is written in the Russian military doctrine.”

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