"Put out the light!". Greece plunges into darkness

On the eve of a difficult winter and the ongoing energy “war” Greece “turns off” the switch. The government is considering new energy-saving measures in light of what appears to be a difficult cold season.

The government is working on energy saving plans. In this context, public services such as ministries, courts, districts, municipalities and schools are encouraged to:

  • Replacement of lighting lamps with LEDs (low consumption – longer service life).
  • Turning off devices (computers, lights) after finishing work.

Establish limits on the use of air conditioners

What is provided for these household appliances is to approve the temperature limits when using them. In summer it should not be below 26-27 degrees, and in winter above 19 degrees. At the same time, it is very important to regularly and efficiently maintain heating and air conditioning systems.

Recommendation for public sector workers

  • Every 2-3 hours 10-minute breaks with open windows, turning off the air conditioner.
  • Shutdown of cooling / heating in the premises after the end of the working day and the departure of personnel.
  • Turning off devices (computers, lights) after finishing work.

After 22:00 the following are switched off:

  • Fountain lighting.
  • Street lights and scoreboard.
  • Lighting for landscaping: monuments, archaeological sites after the end of their operation (at the end of the working day).

Changes regarding sports facilities and swimming pools

For private companies:

  • Reducing the lighting of sports complexes after the end of their operation (windows, signs).
  • The air conditioner is used in standby mode (when there are no customers in the hall).

Energy Saving Recommendations for Individuals

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