Personal doctor: platform opens for residents of Attica and the South Aegean region

From tomorrow, September 1, the electronic platform “Personal Doctor” will be open for registration of both doctors and potential patients, residents of Greece.

The website is already open from August 1 for registration in most Greek regions, and from tomorrow it will open for adult insured people in Attica and the South Aegean region.

The delay is due to the insufficient number of private doctors in the regions (especially in Attica, the country’s most populous region) who have signed a contract with EOPYY. According to the Ministry of Health, to date, 3,200 doctors and more than 2 million citizens have registered in the Personal Doctor system throughout the country.

It is noted that persons over the age of 16, as well as the entire adult population, must be registered with a personal doctor. He freely chosen, regardless of place of residence or stay, from the list of registered private doctors specializing in general/family medicine (therapists).

Registration of a personal physician is done electronically, either by a citizen through a citizen registration platform, or by administrative and other personnel of ΠΦΥ public healthcare providers, or by personal physicians.

A citizen is registered in the following ways:

  • through the personal physician registration platform (, where entry is made with TAXIS codes and AMCA citizen,
  • in person at a ΠΦΥ medical institution or with a personal doctor, taking with you a document from the AMCA and an identity card (or a photocopy).

All citizen applications are accepted until the legal limit of 2,000 registered citizens per physician is reached. In the case of private doctors who have entered into an agreement with EOPYY, citizens’ applications for registration are accepted in accordance with a certain limit that each doctor has chosen in his agreement.

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