Efsyn: ΕΥΠ destroys compromising information on the fact of wiretapping

The influential Greek publication “Editor’s Newspaper” (Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών), which tracks the opposition and journalists wiretapping scandal, reports that in ΚΕΤΥΑΚ the evidence associated with it is being destroyed.

At the National Security Service and the Center for Technology Support, Development and Innovation (ΚΕΤΥΑΚ) a document destruction operation is underway to remove evidence of a surveillance scandal that directly involves Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, since the National Security Service is under his direct supervision, the publication reports. Efsyn.

As it became known to journalists of the publication associated with the main opposition party SYRIZA, employees were ordered to hand over USB-carriers with a special type of official information (iron keys) regarding wiretapping in order to destroy them. The order was issued immediately after the ADAE (Communications Privacy Administration) investigations were announced.

As soon as the investigation became known, a mechanism was mobilized to destroy many of the files crucial to the “Greek Watergate” surveillance scandal. The co-ordination of the “cover-up” operation was entrusted to a high-ranking official ΕΥΠ by the name of A.L., to whom the department responsible for communications was transferred in the government. Meanwhile, the order to destroy many files was given to another high-ranking employee of ΕΥΠ, with the initials D.M., the newspaper of editors reports.

This order caused a reaction and concern among employees, many of whom refuse to participate in the destruction process, fearing for their professional (and real) future.

As reported by the publication pronews.gr late in the evening, citizens with mixed feelings received ADAE’s statement yesterday about inspections in ΕΥΠ, as well as in key departments of EL.AΣ. about the wiretapping scandal.

Many claim that ADAE deliberately delayed the start of the investigation into the almost month-long scandal and raise legitimate questions about its technical ability and expertise to audit the “high-tech” National Police and National Intelligence Services (ΕΥΠ).

The fact that ADAE announced an audit with pomp does not mean that it is “driving” the government into a corner, because if the investigation goes nowhere, it will serve as a “trigger valve”, giving the government, ΕΥΠ and EL.AS. an alibi to present oneself “clean” of any possible shadow of suspicion, and ADAE will be able to say: “Our job is done.”

It is noted that six days ago, journalist Christina Korai, on the air of the Mega “Live News” program, stated: “There are no records. According to Live News exclusive information, (the archive) was destroyed. And what else I found out is very interesting: perhaps Mr. Androulakis will go alone, because he was invited to go alone, to make sure that he does not will be all the information we expected.”

“There is a matter of confidentiality. Whoever is invited, be it the chief of staff of the prime minister or a former chief ΕΥΠthey will refer to secrecy, and nothing will be known,” Nikos Evangelatos explained in turn in the same broadcast.

After the evidence is destroyed, ADAE will say that the investigation led nowhere. The end of the scandal, at least that’s what Megaro Maximo thinks.

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