E-ΕΦΚΑ: insurance coverage for divorced persons

Who is entitled to insurance benefits after a divorce? How and where to apply? The lawyer talks about this and not only.

Recently, Circular 28/2022 e-EFKA was published, which deals with divorced spouses and the benefits they can receive. Ms Margherita Kardari, an employment lawyer, told the publication Newsbeast about its application.


Subject to the provisions of article 22 par. 4 of Law 4529/2018 and in accordance with the instructions of the document of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (no. 80000/85840/774/3-11-2021), uninsured divorced persons are entitled to enter into voluntary insurance e-ΕΦΚΑ while retaining the right to benefits in kind from ΕΟΠΥΥ: provision of medical, hospital, pharmaceutical care by paying appropriate monthly fees under certain conditions. All of the following criteria must be met to remain eligible for coverage:

  1. the marriage must be dissolved after reaching the age of 25;
  2. there is no other direct or indirect right to payments from another insurance fund (the divorcing person must not work or be dependent on another fund);
  3. file a request within one year after the final court decision on divorce;
  4. if there are debts, they must be paid or settled, and the conditions of the settlement must be met:
  • the procedure for joining the voluntary insurance program;
  • payment for the number of days worked.


For voluntary insurance, you must submit an application, which indicates its beginning. The corresponding amount, the lawyer notes, is 45.99 euros (713 x 6.45%), paid monthly and corresponding to 25 days.


Voluntary insurance can be terminated at the request of the divorcing person if he goes to work or retires. In this case, the right to insurance is lost if two years have passed since the last payment and the loss is final. Ms. Kardari emphasizes that the competent e-EFKA department responsible for making the decision is the branch of the divorcee’s place of residence.

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