Japan believes that you need to drink more alcohol

In an effort to revive the alcohol consumption market, Japan decided to hold an innovative ideas competition.

The authorities of the country expect to increase tax revenues by revitalizing the market for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and for this they called to participate in a competition of business ideas. The competition was sponsored by the Japan Tax Authority, who came up with an intriguing name for the event: “Sake, viva!”.

Everyone can take part in the competition by sending innovative ideas to increase the demand for alcoholic beverages. The campaign targets young people in Japan between the ages of 20 and 39. At the same time, the tax administration emphasizes that the initiative is not aimed at encouraging young people to consume alcohol excessively, but only at encouraging the growth of the market.

The reduction in the alcohol consumption market in Japan is due to an aging population, a declining birth rate, as well as recent restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. How did society react to the competition? Young Japanese who agreed to answer this question say:

“We like alcohol, we support the idea.”

Sommelier Kiyuri Matsui doesn’t mind either:

“It’s good, local producers should be supported. If only the old people would not drink more.”

Noboru Hosaka, head of the No to Alcohol Association, is negative:

“It seems to me that this is the wrong policy for our country.”

Be that as it may, but in November the final of the competition will be held in Tokyo, where, as expected, useful innovations will be presented.

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