Athens: housing within 60 thousand euros

Housing for students, every year becomes a “headache” for the parents of applicants, who from August begin to look for suitable options for arranging their child.

TA NEA, taking into account the rising trend in student housing rental prices, presents areas of Athens with economical options.

Given that the price of rent has become “unbearable”, many parents have thought about buying something cheap and then selling it at a profit, and not “unfastening someone else’s uncle” fabulous money.

And so, at least “something for that” will come out. The alternative of buying an apartment or house is being considered seriously. For example, some have decided to take out a loan (up to 60,000 euros) because the payments would be equal or even less if the student paid rent.

The figures relating to rent this year are indicative. The growth trend reaches even 26% compared to 2021. For example, in areas of Athens, 1 out of 10 apartments (suitable for students) are available, with rents up to 300 euros. It is significant that the search for a student hostel above the 1st floor up to 50 sq.m. will cost about 300 euros in Athens.

According to the ads posted on real estate websites, in the areas of the center of Athens, residential buildings above the 1st floor up to 50 sq.m. which are available with asking rent up to 300 euros, are only 12.47% (mostly studios 21 – 30 sq.m.) of the total number of houses available for rent above the 1st floor up to 50 sq.m. That is, 1 out of 10 student-friendly residences is available with rents up to 300 euros in Athens.

According to the data obtained from published listings, 58.35% of the houses available for rent have a cost between 400 and 500 euros per month in the center of Athens. In the western suburbs 63.49% for asking rent of 350 to 450 euros per month, in the southern suburbs 66.8% for rents from 400 to 500 euros per month and in Piraeus 50.98% for rents from 300 to 400 euros per month.

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